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A potter for over 40 years, Jaramillo has a unique and playful flair to his work. He is always trying to innovate or find that "new pet rock". As a frequent participant in "Renaissance Faires" throughout the West, Jaramillo responded by offering Thumbcups (handleless mugs) to the fair-going fans of medieval jousting.Strawmugs (sippycups) and flower basins for displaying freshly cut flowers or bamboo are other intriguing examples of his imaginative creations. Jaramillo's beaded jewery is also a favorite with locals and visitors alike.

Importing arts and crafts from all over the world is another of jaramillo's passions. Steelart Sunflowers happily sway on the sidewalk in front of the store. Paintings, stained glass and photographs grace the indoors along with his pottery and beaded jewelry. There is no categorizing the offerings- everything from Armoires to contemporary Asian design is artfully displayed.

A tour of Jaramillo's production pottery studio and outside kilnyard is well worth the time, as he always looks forward to sharing his craft with others. He enjoys "being able to do pots and run the store at the same time. When I hear the bell, I run upstairs with my hands and apron covered with clay"

Don't miss this fun and exciting gallery. It's been a mainstay in Durango for years.

We are located at 131 E 8th Street Durango, CO 81301-5427 right behind the Durango Welcome Center

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